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  PT. ATRI DISTRIBUSINDO marketing & distribution solution

Extensive distribution experience

The rapid growth of the global economics has encouraged new enterpreneurs to involve in. For the existing ones, they compete to develop their product quality and quantity. Moreover, they realize that they have to get more concerns with extending sales and marketing through the society.

In such tight competing condition, producers need reliable distributor which meets their basic requirements for their business, such as comprehension of their business needs, having reliable information technology and qualified manpower which has capability of handling business through out Indonesia.

PT. ATRI DISTRIBUSINDO was established in 1996 as a distribution company having commitment to be reliable and trustworthy nationalwide distributor.

PT. ATRI DISTRIBUSINDO as a distribution company continuously improve and develop itself in such a way to give values and benefits to customers.

In such recent globalisation era, PT ATRI DISTRIBUSINDO has profoundly existed to be a nationalwide distribution company with international standard information technology application.



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