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  PT. ATRI DISTRIBUSINDO marketing & distribution solution

As a distribution company which emphasizes the aspect of human resources and the application of information technology, ATRI has proofed to give value added services that principles can directly experience of having the advantages. One of the advantages is the speed of product availability in markets so that the principles can be more focus on their product development and its marketing aspects.

Recently, in the era of competition ATRI appears not only as a distribution company but also as a marketing- based company. This concept meets the principles business need in current years, so that it enables ATRI to respond the principles requirement to be more having strategic approach rather than just products distribution.

As one of the ATRI's selling points, prime service is the main key to ATRI's success in beginning and so the following years more to be focusing its main business as the biggest nationalwide distribution company with independent and integrated branch offices based on strategic approaches.




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